10 more founder actions that work shared by the startup community

Phil Morle
2 min readJan 15, 2022


There was some valuable Twitter feedback after I shared 33 founder actions that work including some important new additions.

Zain Khan

Zain (@khanzai94) built a seven figure growth agency in New York and is now diving in the the crypto gaming space. He summarised the first 33 founder actions as brilliantly.

#1: Always be a student. Look for inputs to help you improve (help, knowledge, people, listening, etc.)

#2: Be obsessive about action in all things.

#3: People make companies. Always be looking for the smart ones, try to keep them in your orbit, and recruit them when possible.

Mick Liubinskas

Mick (@liubinaskas) co-founded Pollenizer with me a lifetime ago and today he is leads a very active climate tech movement at Climate Salad.

I’d like to see a bit more focus on the customer, the problem and the long term commitment to both.

Also, suggest change ‘Always be building relationships with investors, only capital raise when the relationships are there.’

Aaron Birkby

Aaron (@aaronbirkby) runs a new ANZ venture fund — Tribe Global

“decide and do” and forever narrow the gap between decision and action — actions should align with the assumption of success (the counter is fear-based decision making) — build with the end in mind

Annie Parker

Annie (@annie_parker) was the Head of Startups at Microsoft before taking on her new gig as Exec Director of Sydney’s Tech Central.

- design for accessibility in your solution from day 1

- hire diverse talent. If you want to serve the world, your team needs to represent it.

- don’t be afraid to fire people who don’t fit the culture you want to build.

Justin Strharsky

Justin (@justinstrharsky) is the founding director of Unearthed — an organisation that is making the energy & resources sector more sustainable.

Don’t tolerate victimhood in yourself or team.

Thanks to you all for these fabulous additions.

Let me know if we are missing some on Twitter. I am @philmorle

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