4 must-have Roam extensions for investors

Phil Morle
2 min readFeb 17, 2022


Roam Research is already powerful, but these 4 extensions make it perfect for me.

As an investor, I would fall to pieces without it.

Out of the box, we get a powerful ‘tool for thought’ and a growing collection of extensions are providing end users like us with the ability to tune it to our own preferences and workflows.

#1 — CSS System to make it beautiful

Roam may be powerful, but it isn’t pretty.

Alexander Rink has fixed that with his elegant Roam CSS System. He has built an abstraction system that makes it much easier to customise the Roam UI. Even more valuable for me are the beautiful themes that he personally builds on top of these. He has already built homages to:

  • Things
  • iA Quattro
  • Apple
  • Less Wrong
  • Bear
  • Craft

All themes available on Alexander’s public Roam graph.

#2 — Smartblocks to automate your workflow

Smartblocks powerfully allow users to script their own workflows.

Created by TfTHacker and refined by David Vargas at Roam.js, this is the single biggest upgrade of Roam.

Smartblocks quite literally run my day. Every major task I perform in my work as an investor is scripted. For example, when I start my day, I run a Smartblock script to drag me into the day. When I meet a founder, I run a script to structure our discussion and make sure I make the most of our precious time together.

You don’t need programming experience to get started.

#3 — Google Calendar to build a graph around your schedule

The Google Calendar extension quickly pulls in your schedule for the day out of Google Calendar.

With on command, I have can pull in my day. At the start of my day I link each meeting to the rest of my graph by containing the labels in Roam’s [[two way links]]. Before the meeting starts, I am one click away from my ensure history with this person.

#4 — Heatmap to look down from 30,000 feet

Heatmap gives me an instant visual impression of activity around a certain topic.

For example, if I want a quick view of my activity around one of our portfolio companies, I look at the heatmap. It answers the question “Am I paying attention consistently to this company?”

This extension was created by J Matthew Pryor — a Partner at Tenacious Ventures. A great example of users extending Roam to meet their own needs and bringing new value to the rest of us.

I’d love to hear your ideas for using Roam in venture capital. Find me on Twitter.

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