A place for investors to send incomplete teams

As deep tech investors, we often see incredible ideas that aren’t ready for an investment.

This is much more the norm in deep tech than in other areas of venture capital investing.

We regularly meet science teams with no company or commercial ‘packaging’. Equally, we meet commercial teams who lack science depth.

And everything in between.

How we manage this today

We work directly with the teams. Shaping these rough diamonds is inefficient and can take months, interlaced with other projects competing for time. Investable companies come together slowly and stagger into life.

This is a powerful value proposition for accelerators

A classic accelerator needs companies to exist before the program and then ‘apply’.

I like the idea of an accelerator that exists to shape the companies. To fund the team enough to come together as a driven company, establish a delivery cadence and fly out of a 3-month booster with a rocket ship.

Investors will support the team as they go through the program because they sent them there. They want the company to succeed and will lean into the process.

Perhaps then it is ready for a bigger investment.

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Phil Morle

Phil Morle

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