Are you building a monopoly inside a fractured and minuscule market?

Those of us building products that will operate in new market categories need to invest as an emerging industry into the category itself.

But the new market category doesn’t exist yet

  • Channels are immature and clumsy
  • There is no supply chain
  • Customers don’t know how to buy
  • The ecosystem of products around ours does not exist yet
  • There is not enough scale to produce at a price that customers will pay

Some examples from my world

  • Plant-based meat won’t be as big as pork unless customers know why they want to buy it and where to find it on the shelves.
  • Customers won’t buy animal-free milk as much as they do cow milk until giga-factories exist to produce it at a cost they can afford to pay.
  • There is no quantum computer if all we have is a processor or an algorithm. We need the rest of the hardware, software to control it and brand-new use cases for industries that will benefit from the new capability.

How do we…?

  • Invest in common infrastructure together.
  • Tell common stories.
  • Build common supply chains.
  • Build shared infrastructure at a scale that delivers the costs.

We need radical collaboration

We work side-by-side with companies who may one day be our arch-rivals. Organisations we will compete with one day.

In what will be vast new markets in the decades to come.

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Phil Morle

Phil Morle


Deep tech VC — Main Sequence Ventures. Ecosystem builder. Maker. Director. Startup Scientist.