Great news! Companies are not getting deals…

I think it is starting to happen.

At last.

Large organisations are saying “No”.

We are seeing customers feel the crunch of their 2030 sustainability targets.

Only 8 years to go now, and boards and leadership of large organisations know it.

Any new business that increases emissions will send them backwards.

The answer can only be “No”.

Even if it improves profits or other aspects of the business, the value increase must be very high to take on the new emissions.

As venture builders, we are seeing this play out in our work as the new industries we love are going to market.

Emissions are now a primary currency that your value will be weighed against.

  • Know in detail how you affect your customers’ emissions targets.
  • Work to remove emissions altogether and tell the story of your journey.
  • Know how your competition affects your customers’ targets and compete around that axis.

You will start to win the deals.

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Phil Morle

Deep tech VC — Main Sequence Ventures. Ecosystem builder. Maker. Director. Startup Scientist.