Lean down the mountain

Phil Morle
1 min readNov 3, 2022

When we learn to ski, we are taught to lean down the mountain when all you want to do is lean up. Quickly we learn that control comes from having the weight on our toes.

When driving a Formula 1 car, the brakes don’t work well unless they are hot. This means that drivers need to drive fast into corners or they won’t be able to slow down.

In startups we often find ourselves in situations where the world isn’t doing what we want it to do. It doesn’t match our strategy.

We resist it. We fight it. We come up with tactics to alter the natural course of the river. But it roars over us. Drowning us.

Understand how to harness the natural flow. Use the energy that is already there for your benefit.

Lean down the mountain.

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