Startups, we are remarkable. Look at what we are building together. Look at how far we have come.

This startup ecosystem began as a desert in 2005 but now has layers of life supporting each other. It is complex. You can’t draw it on a diagram anymore.

We are a work-in-progress.

I have had the privilege of being in this inspiring community from the early days of emergence in the mid-2000s and I never take our progress for granted.

We are remarkable. Look at what we are building together. Look at how far we have come.

Listen to the stories to understand where we came from

We spend most of our time in startups looking at the future, laying down runway. We don’t look back at the past to see the beautiful road we have built vanishing over the horizon behind us.

Adam Spencer and the team at W2D1 Media have done us a service and conducted an archaeological dig into the past 10–20 years to tell our story in The History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem.

It must have been an epic task with over 150 interviews already collected. I look through the list and see faces of people I know have laboured to get us here today and I am so happy that their story will be told.

None of this has happened by magic. It happened because of work.

I am going to listen to it all — every single episode — to remember that we are making progress

Each morning, when I walk the dog, I am going to rebuild my cultural history and listen to every single episode to strengthen my gratitude for the people that have got us here.

Today I listened to Episode 1 with Niki Scevak and acknowledge the ambition he has sown into our culture. I am inspired by his belief that we are growing trillion dollar companies in Australia and without him (and many others) there would be no Startmate or Blackbird.

Someone needs to start something and it normally happens when few other people give a shit.

Here are some of the people I am looking forward to:

#1 — Peta Ellis: I first met Peta when she was leading Rover City Labs in Brisbane. Through her work with Steve Baxter, Aaron Birkby and others, the Brisbane ecosystem sprung to life and left Sydney in its wake for a while. I can’t wait to hear the stories.

#2 — Peter Davison: Fishburners is an institution now. It feels like it has been here forever. But Pete got it started with Peter Cooper before people like Murray Hurps and Annie Parker took it to the next level. Peter thought a lot about ecosystems and how to nurture them. I haven’t heard from him for a while and look forward to his insights.

#3 — Chad Renando. I have met Chad recently during his PhD on innovation hubs in regional communities. He’s gathered a great perspective that I can’t wait to hear about.

But really, I can’t wait for it all. Especially the stories I have not yet heard.

Thank you everybody for getting us here. It is exhilarating to think what we might do next.

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